Maria Yannakaki was born in 1958. She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1977 -1982). she studied painting and mosaic techniques  with the artists P. Tetsi and G. Kolefa. In 1983 she continued with her 

post-graduate studies in China where she studied techniques of traditional chinese painting,  ink drawing and calligraphy.

She has presented her work in personal and group exhibitions in Greece, China, Germany, Belgium, India, Italy, Luxemburg, Sweden and the USA, including the International Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition in Beijing (1988), the VIII Triennale in New Delhi (1994), the Art Athina in Athens (1995, 1998, 2001 & 2004), the Riparte Fair in Rome (1996), the MiArt in Milano (2003) and the Ιnternational Biennale in Beijing (2005). 


From the Chinese art which she studied in its homeland for two years, Maria Yannakaki has retained the materials, in some cases the brush-stroke, the use of white and black on an equal footing, and the two-dimensional space. Her subject-matter, on the other hand, is centred on the human figure with images that remind us in some cases Gauguin or Chagall.

The painting materials of Maria Yannakaki consist of silk and rice paper, inks, Indian ink, water-colours, pastels, coloured pencils and stamps, and depict well-shaped portraits of women and children; Maria Yiannakaki’s painting, is painting at its purest.